Important Information for PEAT candidates

On 27 May 2017, the PEAT exam came to an end.  Teachers in NSW who need to pass an English Language Proficiency test for accreditation are now required to do IELTS or ISLPR.  Those candidates who have already passed some but not all components in PEAT should contact the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for advice on how to complete their language requirement.

ENGLISH for LIFE now offers the following tuition courses to meet the needs of teachers:

  • IELTS, provided by Ian Synnott. Ian is a highly qualified teacher with many years of experience in tutoring for the IELTS exam.  See IELTS for details of the course.
  • ISLPR, provided by Linda Kennington.  Linda is a highly qualified teacher with many years of experience in preparing teachers for the PEAT exam. For writing, she uses an excellent coursebook, plus sample writing materials for the ISLPR exam.  Additional handouts and exercises are provided to fill the student’s gaps in grammar and vocabulary. Linda teaches listening, reading and speaking using a variety of authentic materials from the education sector and everyday life, similar to those used in the ISLPR exam.
  • Foundation English, provided by Linda Kennington. This course is recommended for those who have gained mostly B grades in PEAT or less than band 7 in IELTS.  It is also an excellent course who don’t speak English much in their everyday lives, for example, mums at home.  The course teaches everyday English as used in Australia, and provides a strong foundation for students who then want to go on and prepare for the ISLPR exam.

Contact us for more information and assistance in selecting a course that is right for you.

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"Finding the EfL website turned the tide for me after a couple of attempts in the writing test. This was the best decision I ever made in dealing with PEAT!"

Philippines Sher, from the Philippines

"Linda is a brilliant teacher - she is patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. What I enjoyed the most was reading her constructive comments and having role plays with her, which was fun. I really do not think I could have done this without Linda, and I have learnt so much from her."

China Ying, from China

"After several unsuccessful attempts to clear the writing component I gave up all hope. Then I found Linda’s website and she made the impossible possible by enhancing my writing skills. She identified my weaknesses and designed the lessons according to my needs. Her handouts and notes were very helpful in improving my grammar and writing style. She gave such detailed feedback which made learning so much easier for me. The best part was that I didn’t have to travel anywhere for my lessons, everything happened from home. After getting B and B+ for the last two years, I finally managed to get an A."

India Soma, from India

"Linda is an exceptional teacher who has an expert knowledge of English grammar and can pass this knowledge on to her students effortlessly. Her teaching manner is welcoming, kind and patient but at the same time yielding the best results for the student. She has a clear understanding of where the student is with his/her use of English and how to reach the PEAT level of proficiency. As a result, I was able to pass all three remaining components first time."

Poland Agnieszka, from Poland

"I would like to share my success story in achieving Band A in Writing. I felt that I would need individualised teaching to help me progress from B+ to A. Linda Kennington designed a personalised program to further develop my writing skills. She helped me to take responsibility for my learning by giving me the opportunity to find my own mistakes, correct them myself and refine my work. Without Linda’s hard work and professionalism, I would not have been able to pass the PEAT test and start my teaching career."

Egypt Marise, from Egypt

"Working with Linda systematically for four months was the key to passing the PEAT exam on my first attempt. Linda provided very comprehensive, one-on-one instruction in writing, reading and speaking. As the lessons were tailor-made, I was able to identify and work on my weaknesses which resulted in great progress in a short time. Linda’s lessons included a lot of authentic materials to practice my skills. Her expertise and commitment enabled me not only to complete the PEAT exam but also to refine my overall English language skills."

Sri Lanka Janaki, from Sri Lanka

"I was sceptical about getting a tutor for the writing component as I was confident that I could pass PEAT myself. However, getting B+ after B+ showed me that something I was doing was not right. So, I contacted Linda. The first issue I had was that I wanted to find out more about what exactly the assessors are looking for, and Linda clarified this for me. Secondly, Linda provided me with strategies to write more concisely and therefore faster. However, the most important thing was that Linda taught me a skill for life - how to write. There is only one thing that I regret - not contacting Linda earlier so that I could have avoided frustration and disappointment from failing the test several times."

Russia Irina, from Russia